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Our Vision: A Brighter Future Through Tech

At Future Is Forward, we believe technology has an incredible power to make the world a better place for all people. Our founders started this site to highlight the most promising innovations that can improve lives and bring more light into the world.

We know the future isn’t determined. It’s shaped daily by human choices, compassion and visionary thinking. We believe tech should empower, not overpower and that progress should lift the whole of humanity. This drives our journalism.

Our small team of writers and editors are devoted to finding the stories of technologies catalyzing positive change – from alternative energy lifting communities out of poverty to AI improving accessibility and opening new worlds for disabled individuals.

We seek out the unsung heroes behind innovations that promote sustainability, equity, understanding and human potential. Because we believe if we know where we want to go, technology can help illuminate the path towards a global community living in greater harmony.

The future remains unwritten and at Future Is Forward we intend to chronicle the emerging technologies helping write a more hopeful next chapter for humankind. Progress depends on ordinary people daring to dream a better destiny. Our stories aim to kindle those dreams and encourage readers to join in shaping the destination.

The road ahead will have twists, turns and obstacles. But when inspired hearts and minds come together, no challenge is insurmountable. We move forward with optimism seeking glimpses of light even on the darkest days. And we commit to spreading that light so it reaches more eyes, connects more people and propels all of us towards the brighter future technology can help enable when we use it thoughtfully.

We’re so glad you’re joining us on this journey!

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