Analysis of Hedge Fund Positions in Ford Motor Co (Symbol: F) Analysis of Hedge Fund Positions in Ford Motor Co (Symbol: F)

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By Ronald Tech

A Peek into Hedge Fund Behavior

Perusing 13F filings is akin to taking a peek into the brain of hedge fund managers en masse. When 13 separate players in the hedge fund game hold shares of Ford Motor Co. (Symbol: F), that’s a cue for the rest of us to sit up and pay keen attention.

The Caveat of 13F Filings

Let’s not be too hasty, though. A 13F filing only shows one side of the coin. Hedge funds are obliged to disclose their long positions, concealing their short positions like a skillful magician. Funds can be both bullish and bearish on a stock at the same time. The 13F gives us just a slice of the pie; the bearish/short side remains unseen.

Revealing Insights Amidst the Numbers

Despite these blind spots, there is value in examining clusters of 13F filings. Comparing one holding period to another can reveal invaluable insights. Let’s dive into the latest batch and unravel the changes in F positions among these elite players.

Changing Tides

A mere glance at the numbers reflects a dynamic tale. Out of the 22 most recent 13F filers, 3 funds bolstered their existing F positions from 09/30/2023 to 12/31/2023. Conversely, 8 funds scaled back their holdings. Notably, Carmel Capital Partners LLC, a participant in this latest batch, bid adieu to F common stock come 12/31/2023.

The Grand Scheme of Things

Peering beyond this present cohort, we delved into the aggregate F share count among all funds at the 12/31/2023 reporting period, which stands at 2,309 in total. A gaze back to the 09/30/2023 period reveals a symphony of numbers. Hedge funds collectively enhanced their holdings by 614,738 shares, demonstrating a share count increase of about 0.57%.

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We remain steadfast in tracking the latest 13F filings. These filings offer glimpses into the maneuvers of hedge fund managers and harbor intriguing stories derived from a holistic analysis across batches of managers between filing periods. While individual 13F filings can sometimes be misleading, the aggregate data from one reporting period to another serves as a more integral and compelling source, inspiring further investigation into stock prospects – such as Ford Motor Co. (Symbol: F).

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