Analysis of Latest 13F Filers Holding Microsoft Corporation Analysis of Latest 13F Filers Holding Microsoft Corporation

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By Ronald Tech

At Holdings Channel, we’ve scrutinized the most recent batch of 13F filings for the 12/31/2023 reporting period, unveiling that Microsoft Corporation (Symbol: MSFT) was embraced by 26 of these funds. When hedge fund managers seem to be on a collective wavelength, it’s time to dig deeper.

Filings, however, don’t offer the complete picture—funds are only mandated to disclose their long positions with the SEC, leaving their short positions undisclosed. A fund that takes a bearish stance against a stock may still hold a long stock position in addition to its overall bearish one. While this long aspect might be revealed in a 13F filing, it only portrays part of the narrative because the bearish/short side remains obscured.

Despite this caveat, analyzing groups of 13F filings can be enlightening, particularly when comparing one holding period to another. Below, let’s examine the shift in MSFT positions for this recent cohort of 13F filers:

Fund New Position? Change In Share Count Change In Market Value ($ in 1000’s)
Linscomb & Williams Inc. Existing 3,343 +$5,652
Artisan Partners Limited Partnership Existing 510,057 $66,834
Parallel Advisors LLC Existing +647 +$10,025
Heritage Wealth Advisors Existing 8,317 +$7,437
Evermay Wealth Management LLC Existing +179 +$1,198
Beta Wealth Group Inc. Existing 1,102 +$830
Hilltop Holdings Inc. Existing 250 +$2,220
Cantor Fitzgerald Investment Advisors L.P. NEW +13,126 +$4,936
Ndwm LLC NEW +836 +$314
Cypress Asset Management Inc. TX Existing +596 +$3,314
Freemont Management S.A. Existing +26,600 +$16,731
MMA Asset Management LLC Existing 3 +$111
MUFG Securities EMEA plc Existing +310,725 +$117,104
Analyst IMS Investment Management Services Ltd. Existing 404 +$2,563
DSM Capital Partners LLC Existing 139,190 +$85,980
Hsbc Holdings PLC Existing +1,272,683 +$1,594,411
Cape Investment Advisory Inc. Existing +406 +$983
Act Two Investors LLC Existing +9,455 +$12,085
Hudson Value Partners LLC Existing +560
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Investors Show Confidence as Hedge Funds Increase Holdings in Microsoft Corporation

Investors Show Confidence as Hedge Funds Increase Holdings in Microsoft Corporation

Hedge Funds Show Strong Support for Microsoft Corporation

Throughout the final quarter of last year, numerous hedge funds significantly added to their existing positions in Microsoft Corporation. This robust display of investor confidence came in stark contrast to the actions of George Kaiser Family Foundation, which divested completely from Microsoft Corporation at the close of 2023.

Looking beyond individual funds, the aggregate share count of all hedge funds holding stock in Microsoft Corporation as of December 31, 2023, saw a substantial increase when compared to the previous reporting period. This elevating support for Microsoft Corporation implies a growing bullish sentiment and underlines the stock’s attractiveness for investors.

Exceptional Aggregate Increase in Hedge Fund Holdings

Between September 30, 2023, and December 31, 2023, the aggregate share count of Microsoft Corporation held by hedge funds grew by approximately 8.11%, translating to an increase of 88,827,807 shares. This exceptional surge in aggregate holdings reflects a deep-rooted confidence in the long-term prospects of the company.

Favorable Outlook Fueled by Elevated Confidence

The significant rise in hedge fund holdings is indicative of the prevailing optimism surrounding Microsoft Corporation’s future performance and broader market positioning. The substantial increase in aggregate holdings sends a clear message of trust and a positive outlook toward the tech giant among institutional investors.

Insightful Look at Aggregate Information

Continuing to monitor the latest 13F filings by hedge fund managers will provide insights into the evolving market sentiments and potential investment ideas. While individual filings can sometimes be misleading, conducting a comprehensive analysis of aggregate figures across groups of funds offers a more accurate and valuable understanding of market dynamics.