Analyst Picks Alternative Dog Coin for Crypto Bull Run Tesla, Palantir, Disney, PayPal And, Sorry, Dogecoin, Analyst Picks Alternative Dog Coin For Crypto Bull Run

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By Ronald Tech

Benzinga examined the prospects for many investors’ favorite stocks over the last week — here’s a look at some of our top stories.

The S&P 500 index soared past 5,000 points this week, hitting new highs fueled by AI optimism, with both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 marking their 14th positive week in the past 15 weeks. The Magnificent Seven tech giants reached a combined market value of $13 trillion, nearly half of the U.S. economy’s size, equating to the GDPs of Germany, Japan, and India.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen expressed concerns about the commercial real estate sector and the risks of digital assets to the House Financial Services Committee on Tuesday, while maintaining an optimistic outlook on the U.S. economy’s growth and labor market strength.

She emphasized the need for regulatory action on digital assets and addressed the importance of fiscal sustainability in light of the rising national debt, advocating for deficit reduction alongside economic investment.

Benzinga provides daily reports on the stocks most popular with investors. Here are a few of this past week’s most bullish and bearish posts that are worth another look.

The Buoyant Side of the Market

“Tesla Stock Caught In ‘Category 5 Hurricane’ Due To Musk Compensation Plan: 3 Ways This Analyst Would Fix The Problem” by Chris Katje, discusses Tesla Inc. TSLA facing challenges from a voided compensation plan for CEO Elon Musk, as a bullish analyst suggests a resolution including a new compensation package and relocating Tesla’s incorporation from Delaware to Texas.

“Crypto Analyst Sees This Dog Coin As ‘THE Meme Coin For This Bull Run'” by Mehab Qureshi, details a crypto analyst named Inmortal predicting Floki FLOKI/USD to be the standout meme coin of the current bull run, potentially emulating Dogecoin’s DOGE/USD massive rally in 2021.

“Jim Cramer Admits Palantir CEO Alex Karp’s ‘Insanity Is Growing On Me’ After Q4 Earnings Call: ‘Narrative Is Compelling'” by Shanthi Rexaline, covers Jim Cramer’s growing appreciation for Palantir Technologies Inc. PLTR CEO Alex Karp following the company’s Q4 earnings, which matched profit expectations and surpassed revenue forecasts.

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For additional bullish calls of the past week, check out these:

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The Less Rosy Side of the Market

“Magnificent 7 Eye $13-Trillion Market Cap: ‘They Are Sucking All The Air Out Of The Universe,’ Wall Street Veteran Says” by Piero Cingari, covers the combined market cap of Apple Inc. AAPL, Microsoft Corp. MSFT, and five other tech giants nearing $13 trillion, highlighting concerns over market concentration and potential implications for equity indices.

“Elon Musk Calls Disney ‘DEI Gestapo’ After Memo Leak: ‘No Wonder Most Of Their Content … Has Sucked'” by Rounak Jain, details Musk criticizing Walt Disney Co. DIS for its diversity policies, attributing them to the perceived decline in the quality of Disney’s content.

“PayPal Stock Dives After Q4 Earnings: Management ‘Set A Low Bar’ For 2024, Says Analyst” by Priya Nigam, discusses the significant drop in PayPal Holdings Inc PYPL shares following Q4 earnings, with analysts attributing the decline to management’s conservative outlook for 2024.

For more bearish views, be sure to see these posts:

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Yellen Warns Non-Bank Lenders Could Fail As Household Finances Become Stretched

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