Apple’s iOS 17 Allows Users to Create Personal Stickers From Photos Taking Your Creativity Up a Notch: DIY Stickers with iOS 17

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By Ronald Tech

Apple Inc. AAPL unveiled an array of feature upgrades with the debut of iOS 17 last year, and standing out among them is the newfound ability for users to fashion custom stickers using their photos. Yes, you can now convert your personal snapshots into stickers with ease, all within the iOS 17 framework.

Revolution Unleashed: Consumers now harness the power to craft and retain their very own stickers with the implementation of iOS 17. Picture the delight of having an exclusive set of stickers featuring your pets or capturing your myriad expressions and antics.

Building on its prior release, Apple’s iOS 16, which introduced the “Remove Subject from Background” functionality, iOS 17 empowers users to create stickers, provided they are operating the latest Beta release.

What’s even better is that these stickers can animate using Live Photos. Apple has also incorporated options to apply filters, outlines, and more, thus enabling further customization.

It is crucial to note that to employ this feature, users must have the latest iOS 17 Beta installed on their iPhone. With that prerequisite met, let’s delve into the process of bringing stickers to life in iOS 17.

Fashioning Photos into Stickers with iOS 17

  • Begin by launching the Photos app and selecting a photo with the subject sharply defined.
  • Subsequently, press and hold the subject until a glowing border becomes visible.
  • Tap the Add Sticker option.
  • You can add the sticker to your library.
  • You can enhance the sticker with effects and borders by tapping Add Effect or finalize the process by tapping Done.
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That’s it. The newly minted stickers are now at your disposal in your library. For instance, you can integrate them into the Messages app by tapping the ‘+’ button within a conversation and selecting Stickers.

Image Source – Apple