Decoding United Airlines Holdings’s Options Activity Analyzing United Airlines Holdings’s Options Activity: Gain Insight into Market Sentiment

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By Ronald Tech

Bulls have taken a prominent stance on United Airlines Holdings (UAL), making a significant imprint in the options market. This generous allocation of capital illustrates an affirmative position, and retail traders should heed the counsel of these major-market participants.

The odds portend that these transactions, detected in publicly available options history, may denote prescience. When the big guns step in for UAL, it often signifies an anticipation of events afoot.

Yet, the inquiry arises – how do we decipher the moves made by these well-heeled investors? Today, the options scanner at Benzinga ascertained 20 unconventional options trades for United Airlines Holdings – a pattern that diverges from the norm.

The grand sentiments of these elite investors are distributed; 75% exhibit bullish inclinations, whereas the remaining 25% showcase a bearish disposition. Notably, out of the exceptional options unearthed, 4 are puts, amounting to $410,400, and 16 are calls, tallying $919,886 in total.

Expected Price Movements

An evaluation of trading volumes and Open Interest reveals the market giants’ fixation on a price band between $29.0 and $48.5 for United Airlines Holdings, spanning the last three months.

Volume & Open Interest Trends

With regards to liquidity and interest, the mean open interest for United Airlines Holdings options trades today stands at 2197.38, aligning with a total volume of 35,864.00.

In the following chart, we can monitor the progression of volume and open interest of call and put options for United Airlines Holdings’s significant trades – confined within a strike price range of $29.0 to $48.5 over the last 30 days.

United Airlines Holdings Option Activity Analysis: Last 30 Days

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Biggest Options Spotted:

Symbol PUT/CALL Trade Type Sentiment Exp. Date Strike Price Total Trade Price Open Interest Volume
UAL CALL TRADE NEUTRAL 03/15/24 $46.50 $369.0K 5 33
UAL PUT SWEEP BULLISH 04/19/24 $45.00 $158.9K 7 1
UAL PUT SWEEP BEARISH 03/15/24 $46.00 $138.6K 524 29
UAL PUT TRADE BULLISH 03/15/24 $45.50 $83.5K 287 725
UAL CALL SWEEP BULLISH 03/15/24 $45.00 $65.3K 12.0K 811

About United Airlines Holdings

United Airlines is a major U.S. network carrier with hubs in San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Denver, Los Angeles, New York/Newark, and Washington, D.C. The company operates a hub-and-spoke system that has a more pronounced focus on international and long-haul travel compared to its larger U.S. counterparts.

Following the dissection of the options activities linked to United Airlines Holdings, it is imperative to delve into the performance of the company itself.

Where Is United Airlines Holdings Standing Right Now?

  • UAL’s volume stands at 7,012,297, also reflected in the 0.89% uptick in price, bringing it to $44.44.
  • RSI indicators suggest that the underlying stock may be veering into overbought territory.
  • The next earnings release lurks 54 days in the future.

What Analysts Are Saying About United Airlines Holdings

In the past month, 2 professional analysts have proffered their insights on the stock, pegging the average price target at $57.5.

  • An analyst from Redburn Atlantic has revised their rating downward to Neutral, alongside an adjustment in the price target to $50.
  • On a brighter note, an analyst from Evercore ISI Group has raised their rating to Outperform, coupled with a revision of the price target to $65.

Options pose a riskier asset compared to mere stock trading, but they boast augmented profit potential. Seasoned options traders navigate this risk through daily education, nuanced trade maneuvering, attention to diverse indicators, and vigilant market monitoring.

For real-time alerts on the latest options trades for United Airlines Holdings, look no further than Benzinga Pro.