Exciting Scoop on Apple Inc This Week: AirTag Delays, Board Shake-Up, and a Skydiving iPhone – Alaska Air Gr (NYSE:ALK) Exciting Scoop on Apple Inc This Week: AirTag Delays, Board Shake-Up, and a Skydiving iPhone

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This week in the universe of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), a whirlwind of developments unfolded, leaving investors and enthusiasts eager for more. From product postponements and significant board alterations to security apprehensions and a jaw-dropping tale of iPhone survival, Apple has supplied a plethora of headlines.

AirTag’s Next-Gen Launch Delayed

The highly anticipated launch of Apple’s second-gen AirTag, originally earmarked for 2024, has been pushed back to 2025. The rationale? An abundance of the original product. Reportedly, Apple deems it unnecessary to rush the new AirTags to market, given the first-gen’s efficacy and the limited competition in the “Find My” network.

Major Changes in Apple’s Board

On Thursday, Apple announced the retirement of two stalwart board members, Al Gore (since 2003) and James Bell (since 2015), who both reached Apple’s age limit for board members (75). Proposing a new nominee, Wanda Austin, former CEO of The Aerospace Corporation, Apple establishes its commitment to refreshing and evolving its board.

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Security Concerns Over Apple’s AirDrop

Allegations from the Chinese government touting a successful crack of Apple’s AirDrop have incited security concerns. A Beijing-based research institute purportedly decrypted an iPhone’s device log, unearthing phone numbers and email addresses associated with AirDrop users, leading to the identification of several suspects by the city’s judicial bureau.

An iPhone’s 16,000-feet Drop

In a bizarre episode, an iPhone miraculously survived a 16,000-foot drop from an airplane, following a mishap on Alaska Air Group, Inc.’s (NYSE: ALK) Flight 1282. Describing this unexpected skydiving adventure of the phone exemplifies the extraordinary, albeit somewhat comical, nature of recent events.

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ITC Opposes Apple’s Plea

The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has rebuffed Apple’s plea to annul an import ban on specific Apple Watch models, citing the company’s arguments as “weak and unconvincing.” In doing so, the ITC dismissed Apple’s claims of potential irreparable harm, deeming them speculative.

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