Meta’s Initiative to Label AI-Generated Images Meta Takes Action to Label AI-Generated Images from Other Companies

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Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook, disclosed plans on Tuesday to identify and label images created using artificial intelligence (AI) from other companies, uploaded by users across its social media applications.

The company also revealed its collaboration with industry partners to establish technical norms for detecting AI-generated content, encompassing both video and audio.

“In the coming months, we will label images that users post to Facebook, Instagram, and Threads when we can detect industry standard indicators that they are AI-generated,” conveyed Nick Clegg, Meta’s president of global affairs, in a blog post.

Clegg further specified that Meta intends to begin marking AI-generated images from entities such as Google, OpenAI, Microsoft, Adobe, Midjourney, and Shutterstock.

The social media behemoth has been affixing labels to images produced by its own AI, signifying “Imagined with AI,” in order to notify users that the digitally created pictures, which often closely resemble real photos, are computer-generated.

“As the disparity between human-crafted and synthetic content diminishes, people desire clarity on where the distinction lies. Individuals frequently come across AI-generated content for the first time, and our users have communicated appreciation for transparency concerning this emerging technology,” declared Clegg.

This undertaking by Meta materializes amidst industry apprehensions about the extent to which generative AI can now dispense content that blurs the demarcation between authentic and counterfeit.

The company outlined its intent to commence implementation of AI-generated labels throughout the forthcoming year, coinciding with a U.S. election year—a period rife with misinformation.

Furthermore, Meta is exploring mechanisms to detect and label AI-generated video and audio. While developing this capability, the firm announced the incorporation of a feature for its social media users to disclose when they share AI-generated video or audio, facilitating Meta in applying a label to it.

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“These are early days for the proliferation of AI-generated content. As it becomes more commonplace in the years ahead, there will be widespread discussions about identifying synthetic and non-synthetic content… What we’re delineating today are the measures we deem appropriate for content disseminated on our platforms at present,” appended Meta’s Nick Clegg.

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