NIO Options Trading Analysis Examining Market Sentiment: NIO Options Trading Activity

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By Ronald Tech

The trading community has witnessed a dramatic shift in sentiment regarding NIO options. An in-depth exploration of NIO’s options history uncovered 42 unusual trades – a stark revelation that has left seasoned investors reeling with perplexity.

Unveiling the underlying statistics, revelers were surprised to learn that a mere 33% of traders espoused bullish sentiments, while an imperious 66% displayed a marked inclination toward bearish sensibilities. The shock of this revelation was compounded by the discovery that out of the trades detected, 39 of them were puts, amassing an overwhelming valuation of $20,985,480, while only 3 were calls, with a meager valuation of $136,300.

Analysis of Projected Price Targets

An in-depth scrutiny of the Volume and Open Interest in these contrarian contracts painted a disquieting picture – one which exuded an aura of disarray and apprehension. The data indicated a concerted focus by major market players on a price range from $5.0 to $20.0 for NIO during the preceding quarter – a surprising turn of events that has left many scratching their heads in disbelief.

Unveiling Insights into Volume and Open Interest

In the current trading realm, the average open interest for NIO options stands at a staggering 20209.36, with a total volume reaching an astronomical 310,454.00. The accompanying chart delineates the progression of both call and put option volume and open interest for high-value trades in NIO, snugly nestled within the strike price corridor from $5.0 to $20.0, during the turbulent last 30 days.

Recent Options Trades of Significance

Symbol PUT/CALL Trade Type Sentiment Exp. Date Strike Price Total Trade Price Open Interest Volume
NIO PUT SWEEP NEUTRAL 02/16/24 $13.00 $6.6M 28.5K 26.3K
NIO PUT SWEEP BULLISH 02/16/24 $13.00 $3.6M 28.5K 13.5K
NIO PUT SWEEP BULLISH 02/16/24 $13.00 $1.9M 28.5K 16.5K
NIO PUT SWEEP BULLISH 02/16/24 $13.00 $1.1M 28.5K 27.9K
NIO PUT SWEEP BEARISH 02/16/24 $13.00 $1.0M 28.5K 5.9K

About NIO

Nio stands as a vanguard in the electric vehicle realm, setting its sights firmly on the premium segment. Carving its inception in November 2014, Nio ensconces itself in the design, development, collaborative manufacturing, and retail of premium intelligent electric vehicles. The company has endeavored to differentiate itself through a sustained regime of technological breakthroughs and pioneering innovations, including trailblazing forays into battery swapping and autonomous driving technologies. Nio’s inaugural model, the ES8 seven-seater electric SUV, was unleashed in December 2017 and commenced deliveries in June 2018. Its current portfolio spans a spectrum of midsize to large sedans and SUVs. The company notched up sales in excess of 122,000 EVs in 2022, effectively securing a lion’s share of about 2% of the China passenger new energy vehicle market.

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Upon a judicious perusal of the imbroglio of options trading enveloping NIO, a compelling need arises to delve into a more granular exploration of the company – an undertaking that piqued investor curiosity, as they sought to ascertain the operative market forces at work.

NIO’s Present Market Standing

  • With a trading volume of 62,130,684, NIO’s price has ascended by a respectable 3.17%, reaching $6.5.
  • The prevailing RSI values signal an impending likelihood of the stock being oversold.
  • The next earnings report is slated for 41 days from the current juncture.

Options, by their very nature, embody a heightened level of risk when juxtaposed with the mere act of Stock trading. However, they offer the tantalizing prospect of potentially enhanced profits. Astute options traders manage this inherent risk by zealously educating themselves daily, adroitly scaling in and out of trades, meticulously adhering to more than one indicator, and keeping a close watch on the evolving market dynamics.

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