Revolutionary Home UTI Test Kit from Vivoo Revolutionary Home UTI Test Kit from Vivoo

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By Ronald Tech

Health tech company Vivoo has unveiled a groundbreaking at-home Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) test kit. The product is designed to deliver “gold standard accuracy results” within two minutes, promising lab-level precision in the comfort of your own home. By marrying technology and healthcare, Vivoo has digitized UTI testing and streamlined the process by providing real-time results through a mobile application.

The Breakthrough: Vivoo’s latest innovation, the at-home UTI test kit, follows their recent debut of a smart toilet at CES, marking a significant step in democratizing healthcare. The kit empowers users to conduct urine analysis tests at their convenience, offering rapid results through the company’s app.

The operation is straightforward: users utilize the provided test strip, scan it, and immediately receive results. If a UTI is detected, the app facilitates a seamless connection with a healthcare professional to expedite the issuance of a prescription. Vivoo believes this product will save time, enhance result interpretation, and digitalize data for easy sharing with healthcare providers.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), prevalent as the most common type of outpatient infection, affect six out of ten women. The new kit is poised to revolutionize the testing process, obviating the need for lab-based urine tests and digitally storing pertinent data for users, a unique feature absent in current at-home kits.

Moreover, the app can aid in tracking recurrent UTIs, furnishing crucial information for healthcare professionals managing such cases. The at-home UTI test kit is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2024, with details of pricing yet to be disclosed.

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