Samsung Teases Galaxy AI With Marvel’s Doctor Strange Samsung Teases Galaxy AI With Marvel’s Doctor Strange

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Samsung and Marvel’s Spectacular Collaboration

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. SSNLF has teamed up with Marvel Studios to tease its upcoming ‘Galaxy AI’ feature, set to debut with the upcoming Galaxy S24 series on Jan. 17.

Unveiling the ‘New Era of Galaxy AI’

What Happened: Samsung briefly took over the Las Vegas Sphere to highlight new AI features for the upcoming Galaxy S24 series. Samsung is calling it the “new era of Galaxy AI.”

Although the teaser does not exactly specify the AI features, the Sphere advertisement shows Marvel character Doctor Strange opening a portal into “Samsung Galaxy.”

Galaxy Unpacked Event and Gauss AI

Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy Unpacked event, scheduled for Jan. 17, and has opened reservations for the Galaxy S24, offering $50 in credit to those who show interest.

Samsung has also announced its own generative AI called “Gauss.” It can do different tasks like writing emails, summarizing documents, creating and editing images, and more.

Integrating Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Chipset

For now, we know that the Samsung Galaxy S24 will be powered by Qualcomm Inc.’s QCOM Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset.

Special Offer for Early Adopters

Save $1,020 On Samsung’s Upcoming Flagship: If you are looking to upgrade to a new smartphone, Samsung has announced a deal that might be worth considering.

Samsung is offering discounts of up to $1,020 on the Galaxy S24 and up to $970 in trade-in discounts, taking the total savings on the Galaxy S24 series to $1,020.

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