The Bud is Finally Free in Sin City: Nevada Celebrates Opening of First Legal Weed Lounge

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By Ronald Tech

Nevada’s cannabis sector has hit a milestone as Smoke and Mirrors, the first cannabis consumption lounge in the state, has received final approval to commence operations. Located on Sammy Davis Jr. Drive in Las Vegas and part of Thrive Cannabis Marketplace, this lounge has successfully passed a Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board inspection, signaling full regulatory compliance.

Transition From Provisional Licensing to Final Go-Ahead: Pioneering Innovation

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace has carved its identity at the vanguard of this burgeoning sector. Mitch Britten, the managing partner and CEO, expressed pride in setting a new precedent within Nevada’s cannabis industry. By offering a diverse selection of products and a cannabis-infused cocktail program in a vibrant, stylish ambiance, the lounge promises to offer a unique experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

Nevada’s Cannabis Market: A Snapshot

With an estimated value of $850 million, Nevada’s cannabis industry is displaying signs of stability and growth. The state’s cannabis market benefits from consistent tourist influxes to Las Vegas and positive economic indicators, which support a thriving dispensary scene and dynamic market conditions. Currently, Nevada is home to 104 licensed dispensaries, reflecting the robustness of the market.

Ripple Effects on Jobs, Tax Revenue, and Local Economy

The emergence of cannabis lounges is expected to drive job creation, increase tax revenue, and bolster tourism as well as the local economy in Nevada. These lounges are projected to generate direct employment and further support job growth in tourism and related sectors. In 2022, Nevada’s tourism industry had a substantial economic impact, generating $90.7 billion in total economic impact, representing 43% of the state’s total GDP and supporting 386,200 jobs, or 27% of Nevada’s total employment. This sector also saw wages and salaries totaling $21.4 billion.

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Furthermore, cannabis lounges are anticipated to enhance tax revenues across various ancillary industries. Entrepreneurs seeking new locations for such establishments are likely to drive real estate and development opportunities, potentially boosting construction industry activity and property values. For example, Planet 13 Holdings Inc. (PLNHF) has announced the integration of a consumption lounge with its Cannabition experience in Las Vegas, highlighting the potential for lounges to contribute to economic dynamism and innovation. Notable cannabis companies operating in Nevada include AYR Wellness (AYRWF), Curaleaf Holdings (CURLF), and Green Thumb Industries (GTBIF).

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