Three Discounted Stocks Worth Investing In Three Discounted Stocks Worth Investing In

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Market downturns can be a gold mine for those with a cash stash itching for bargains. However, bargain opportunities exist even in a roaring market. As the market steadily climbs back from a downturn, many solid companies remain attractively priced. Here are three stocks to consider while they are on sale:

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1. Ford Motor Company

The outlook for Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) has been a hotly debated topic lately. While the company is making significant investments in electric vehicles, particularly its electric F-150 truck, it hasn’t yet dominated the EV space. However, Ford remains the top U.S. truck seller and has seen solid growth in sales of hybrid and electric vehicles and vans. On the downside, its revenue growth has been lackluster, and its profit margins thin.

If you believe in Ford’s potential turnaround, consider its appealing dividend yield of 5.8%. While it may not surge in the short term, the potential for growth over the long haul and the attractive income make it worth watching.

2. Walt Disney

Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) has been trading at a significant discount, with its forward-looking price-to-earnings ratio well below its five-year average. CEO Bob Iger’s successful cost-cutting measures and the promising potential of its streaming businesses make Disney an intriguing prospect. Additionally, its ambitious investment in its theme parks over the next decade signals a company built for the long haul.

3. Veeva Systems

Veeva Systems (NYSE: VEEV) is not a dividend payer, as it continues to heavily invest in growth. However, its solid third-quarter performance and appealingly priced stock make it an interesting option for the long-term investor.

If you are risk-averse, you may prefer to wait for a potentially lower entry point, although fast growers like Veeva may not offer such opportunities. It’s essential to embrace a long-term view when considering these stocks, as they offer excellent potential over the years.

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Is Ford Motor Company a Good Investment Right Now?

Analyst Reveals Ford Motor Company is Not Among Top 10 Stocks to Buy

Considerations Before Investing in Ford Motor Company

Before diving into buying stock in Ford Motor Company, it’s essential to take into account recent expert analysis.

The Expert Opinion

The renowned Motley Fool Stock Advisor analyst team has recently unveiled their selection of the 10 best stocks for investors to venture into, and surprisingly, Ford Motor Company didn’t make the coveted cut. This revelation has drawn attention to potential investment opportunities that may yield remarkable returns in the foreseeable future, providing investors with substantial guidance and market insights.

Stock Advisor Service

The Stock Advisor service offers investors a detailed road map for success, including recommendations for building a lucrative portfolio, regular updates from seasoned analysts, and two fresh stock recommendations each month. Remarkably, the Stock Advisor has demonstrated a notable track record by significantly outperforming the S&P 500 since the year 2002.

Noteworthy Implications

This revelation has spurred investor interest, igniting curiosity about potentially lucrative investments beyond Ford Motor Company. It prompts investors to consider the broader investment landscape and explore alternate promising avenues, as disclosed by esteemed financial experts.


In light of this revelatory analysis, it might be prudent for potential investors to reevaluate their investment strategies and consider alternative stock options that the Motley Fool experts have deemed potentially more lucrative. While not a definitive rejection of Ford Motor Company as an investment, this insight may guide prospective investors towards unexplored opportunities.

*Stock Advisor returns as of December 18, 2023