Top Stocks to Invest $500 in Right Now Top Stocks to Invest $500 in Right Now

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By Ronald Tech

Investing is like planting a tree. The earlier you start, the bigger the potential. It’s never too late to begin, and even $500 can be the seed money you need to get going.

When it comes to investing in stocks, the market is open for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting small; what matters is getting in the game.

Choosing which stocks to invest in can be a real puzzle. With thousands of options, it can be overwhelming to pick the right ones. This list offers a starting point – five stocks that can be confidently bought and held for the long term. And the best part? You can start with just $500 and own at least one share of each of the following stocks.

1. Palantir Technologies

Political affiliations and historical data have no place in the stock market, yet it’s remarkable what a newcomer like Palantir Technologies has achieved. The company has quickly made a name for itself on Wall Street by building specialized software for the government and enterprise customers using its proprietary platforms. This technology helps optimize supply chains, detect financial fraud, run military operations, and much more.

The launch of its Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP) has already seen tremendous demand, boding well for its long-term growth prospects. Additionally, Palantir’s outperformance since going public hints at a promising future, especially if AI continues to be an undervalued investing opportunity.

2. Advanced Micro Devices

In the world of tech, AI is demanding tremendous computing power, and that boils down to the chips powering these processes. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has stepped up to the plate, recently unveiling a new generation of AI chips that the company believes can outperform its main competitor, Nvidia. With CEO Lisa Su forecasting a $400 billion AI chip market in 2027, AMD is positioned for solid growth.

3. Nike

The iconic brand Nike has blended seamlessly with the world of sports, making it a household name and a market giant with a $165 billion market cap. While its size may limit blistering returns, Nike’s evolution as a direct-to-consumer business, coupled with its global recognition, promises continued growth in emerging markets like India and China.

4. Shopify

Amidst Amazon’s online shopping dominance, Shopify has been empowering businesses worldwide to compete effectively. The company’s software platform simplifies the process of setting up and running an online store, and with the e-commerce growth story far from over, Shopify is set to thrive amidst increasing consumer spending.

The Evolution of Walt Disney

For investors, choosing the right stocks is like anticipating the weather. It requires meticulous observation and the ability to predict winds of change and tumultuous shifts. In this regard, a venerable and storied company like Walt Disney, with its long history of navigating choppy waters, can serve as a case study in resilience.

The Unfolding Story

Over the decades, The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) has become synonymous with blockbuster films, theme parks, and a treasure trove of intellectual property, from Pixar to Star Wars to Marvel. Its acumen in leveraging this media empire into theme parks, cruise lines, and merchandise found across the globe is undisputed. However, ironically, Disney has lagged behind the broader market over its lifetime, despite its fame and illustrious legacy.

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DIS Total Return Price Chart

DIS Total Return Price data by YCharts.

In recent years, Disney made a decisive pivot to focus on streaming, with the launch of Disney+ in 2019. This strategic shift has, somewhat predictably, led to challenging times for the company, as it prioritized growing its streaming memberships over immediate profitability. Nonetheless, with over 100 million households now using Disney+, the tide may be turning, leading many investors to ponder the prospect of Disney’s potent media empire creating substantial value over the long run.

A Shifting Landscape

As a weathered investor might remind you, to chart the course ahead, one must scrutinize the forces at play in the present. In this ever-changing media landscape, where streaming is at the forefront of industry dynamics, Disney’s future trajectory is inevitably tied to its success in capturing market share in the streaming arena. The increasing traction of Disney+ is not just a testament to the company’s resilience but also an indicator of its adaptability in the face of evolving consumer preferences.

Following the stock market is akin to tracking the weather forecast – a volatile and unpredictable enterprise. Much like reading the weather patterns, deciphering the future of Walt Disney hinges on an assessment of its evolving streaming strategy. As the company continues to augment its streaming offerings and expands its global footprint, investors keen on long-term gains are closely monitoring Disney’s progress, anticipating potential shifts in its market position.

A Potential Turning Point

In the realm of media and entertainment, as in the unpredictable realm of investing, past performance is not always a reliable predictor of future gains. Yet, with Disney’s sprawling media catalog and its growing influence in the streaming sphere, investors cannot help but contemplate its potential to reignite growth and steer the company toward a new ascent.

With Disney’s streaming audience expanding at a rapid clip, the prospect of the company harnessing this momentum and springboarding into a new era of growth is a tantalizing one. Consequently, as investors weigh Disney’s place in their portfolios, they are discerning whether the company, much like a once-dormant storm, is on the cusp of a resurgence, ready to unleash its vast potential.


As with interpreting the atmospheric conditions, the paths that companies like Walt Disney chart are marked by uncertainty and the possibility of unforeseen shifts. However, with its rich history, enduring legacy, and newfound foray into the streaming frontier, Walt Disney’s future offers a compelling narrative of adaptation and potential resurgence. Much like the capricious weather, investors must keep a vigilant eye on Disney’s unfolding story, poised to decipher the nascent signs of a shifting wind in the media and entertainment realm.