Uber’s Bumpy Ride: Can the Stock Weather the 2024 Storm? Uber’s Bumpy Ride: Can the Stock Weather the 2024 Storm?

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By Ronald Tech

Uber Technologies Inc UBER has been a standout performer, surging 117%
over the past one year and maintaining dominance in both mobility and delivery. As we step into 2024, the question
on investors’ minds is whether the ride-hailing giant’s stock can continue its impressive rally.

Technical indicators suggest waiting before you reserve your next ride. After
a consistent bullish streak since late October 2023, Uber stock has been facing some resistance in December.

The on-balance volume (OBV) indicator is also treading downwards, indicating that
trading volume on down days is outpacing trading volume on up days.

A falling OBV generally foreshadows lower prices.

Uber Solidified Its Position Amidst Industry Competition

On the fundamental side, the business remains solid, but valuations seem to have
become expensive.

In 2023, Uber’s strong position in mobility and delivery, along with post-pandemic
demand, contributed to its stock surge. The company’s expansion into various cities with taxi products has marked
a full penetration into both traditional and modern ride-sharing markets. This has solidified its position as a
dominant player in the industry, helping Uber outperform its closest ride-sharing peer, Lyft Inc

Despite the positive outlook, concerns linger. Ongoing legal battles, safety issues,
and uncertainties surrounding the business model pose risks to Uber’s operations. The company’s management has
demonstrated adeptness in navigating labor laws and minimizing the potential financial impacts of these issues on
the business.

Forward Valuations Fuel Caution

Many believe that the stock, trading at a forward P/E of 165, already reflects much
of the positive news. However, Uber bulls continue to believe that the company’s strong financial results,
resilient top-line growth, and impressive margin expansion justify its current valuation.

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Despite the significant YTD gains, some analysts are optimistic about further upside:

The company’s inclusion in the S&P 500 could attract more buying and potentially
shift market perception.

Investors could thus, consider potential pullbacks as entry points. While Uber’s financial
success and expansion efforts indicate growth potential, the stock’s current valuation warrants caution.

As the market navigates the uncertainties of 2024, the road ahead for Uber remains dynamic,
presenting both opportunities and challenges for investors.

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