Unveiling the Apple Odyssey: A Week of Triumphs and Turmoils in Apple’s Realm

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By Ronald Tech

As the curtains draw on another tumultuous week in the tech sphere, Apple Inc. traversed a rollercoaster of victories and vulnerabilities. From courtroom triumphs to potential game-changing innovations and looming security apprehensions, the Appleverse has been a cauldron of events. Here’s a glimpse of the most striking narratives:

Supreme Court Victory

The apex tale of the week revolves around Apple Inc.’s triumph at the U.S. Supreme Court, concluding a 14-year feud with VirnetX. The court’s decision to bypass the patent case absolves Apple from the burden of paying a hefty $502.8 million damages award to VirnetX in 2020. Upholding the lower court’s verdict, the Supreme Court’s stance also supports the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s choices in nullifying VirnetX’s patents.

Advisory on Wet iPhones

In a crucial advisory, Apple cautioned against using uncooked rice to dry a waterlogged iPhone. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the tech giant discouraged the use of external heat sources, cotton swabs, or paper towels for such purposes.

Potential Apple Pencil Upgrade

A tantalizing glimpse into Apple Pencil’s future surfaced with a recent patent filing hinting at a revolutionary upgrade. Apple is contemplating introducing adaptable sleeves for the Apple Pencil, promising enhanced controls, sensors, and prolonged battery life. The patent application, dubbed “Handheld Input Devices With Sleeves,” was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Apple Outshines Samsung in Hardware Reliability

Apple not only dethroned its long-standing rival Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. in hardware reliability after 13 years but also clinched the pinnacle in “hardware reliability” in tech analyst Jason Snell’s yearly report. The report, drawing insights from industry stalwarts, assessed Apple’s advancements across multiple spectra.

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Security Alarms over App Store

A recent security breach on the Apple App Store has sent ripples of concern in the tech ecosystem. A spurious cryptocurrency app masquerading as Rabby Wallet crypto service managed to hoodwink users out of thousands of dollars after being green-lit by the App Store. Meanwhile, the actual Rabby Wallet app by DeBank Global Pte. Ltd. is still undergoing scrutiny in the App Store review pipeline.