ETF Market Analysis: SMH and TAN ETF Market Analysis: SMH and TAN

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By Ronald Tech

Semiconductor ETF SMH

Investors in the exchange-traded fund (ETF) market experienced noteworthy movement on Monday, particularly in the performance of the Semiconductor ETF (SMH). The SMH exhibited outstanding performance, exceeding that of other ETFs, with a substantial increase of about 1.6% for the day. Notably, individual components within the ETF displayed significant strength, with shares of ON Semiconductor surging by approximately 9.2%, while shares of Nvidia also saw a robust increase of about 3.9%.

Invesco Solar ETF TAN

On the other hand, the Invesco Solar ETF (TAN) lagged behind other ETFs, marking a decline of roughly 3.1% in Monday afternoon trading. This underperformance was underscored by particular components within the TAN ETF, including shares of Sunpower, which tumbled by approximately 11.5%, and shares of Sunnova Energy International, registering a decrease of about 9.5% for the day.

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