Insider Trades Shake Up Large-cap Stocks

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By Ronald Tech

It’s no secret that investors’ ears prick up at the mention of insiders buying shares. Trustworthy and full of insight, these actions can be symbolic, affirming their unwavering belief in the company’s trajectory.

But who exactly are these insiders?

Essentially, insiders comprise officers, directors, 10% stockholders, or individuals who possess material nonpublic information through their relationship with the company. They are governed by stringent trading regulations, including obtaining pre-approval for transactions and adhering to specific windows for making trades.

Of late, notable insider activities have been observed at three substantial companies – Walgreens Boots Alliance WBA, FedEx FDX, and Casey’s General Stores CASY. Let’s delve into their individual cases.

Casey’s General Stores

Casey’s General Stores, operating convenience stores across the Midwest, recently caught attention when a director acquired 725 CASY shares, amounting to nearly $200k. With a promising Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy), the company’s earnings forecasts have been on an upward trajectory.

Investors stand to potentially gain from CASY shares, which currently yield 0.6% annually. Although not staggering, the company’s 7% five-year annualized dividend growth rate demonstrates its commitment to consistently rewarding shareholders.

Walgreen Boots Alliance

Walgreens Boots Alliance, a retail drugstore chain, witnessed a significant move as the CEO purchased 10,000 shares valued at just under $250k. However, analysts have downwardly revised their current year expectations since last October, with the current $3.29 Zacks Consensus EPS Estimate down 32% during this period.


FedEx, known for its extensive transportation portfolio, observed a director acquiring 200 shares valued at $50k. Similar to WBA, FedEx’s earnings outlook has experienced a downward trend across all timeframes.

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Bottom Line

Insider trades are meticulously followed by investors for a reason – they instill confidence. If an insider didn’t believe in the company’s future, then why would they buy? This principal underlines recent activities at Walgreens Boots Alliance WBA, FedEx FDX, and Casey’s General Stores CASY.