The Psychedelic Wave: A Deep Dive Into the Rising Tides of Revolutionary Medicine

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By Ronald Tech

Welcome to a new era of discovery, where the quest for unconventional treatments has seized the public consciousness. It’s a domain where molecules capable of altering consciousness, namely psychedelics, are staking a major claim. As we sail through the second week of January 2024, let’s chart a course and skim through the zeitgeist in the realm of psychedelics.

Unveiling Psychedelic Research Gems

  • Lykos Therapeutics, formerly known as MAPS PBC, has brought to light a breakthrough in the wonders of MDMA-assisted therapy. Their research focuses on how this compound can bolster emotional coping skills and self-experience in individuals grappling with PTSD. This development marks a significant milestone in the quest for effective treatments for mental health conditions.

  • An Australian study explores the potential therapeutic effects of an ayahuasca-inspired N, N-DMT and harmine formulation, offering a promising avenue for controlled trials in healthy subjects.

  • Additionally, the preliminary report on the antidepressant effects of vaporized DMT in treatment-resistant depression and Chinese government-backed research on psilocybin’s cellular impact in the orbitofrontal cortex further punctuate the dynamism of this field.

Perceived Risks and Knowledge Gaps

  • A study delving into U.S. residents’ perceived risk of experimenting with LSD from 2015 to 2019 prompts a necessary reflection on the evolving risk perceptions around psychoactive substances.

  • Furthermore, new reviews on the potential of psychedelics for acquired brain injury treatment and the identification of knowledge gaps in psychedelic medicalization spotlight the uncharted territories within this burgeoning landscape.

Seeking Understanding and Support

  • Studies such as the one led by Jules Evans, “Coming back together,” which surveys coping and support strategies used by individuals grappling with extended difficulties after the use of psychedelic drugs, present a humanistic inquiry into the multifaceted experiences linked to these therapies.

  • As institutions like UC Berkeley’s Center for the Science of Psychedelics open avenues for research proposals on “Psychedelics in Society and Culture,” the ethos of an academic inquiry rooted in compassion and understanding becomes palpable.

Engaging with the Frontiers of Psychedelic Exploration

  • Complementing these intellectual pursuits are initiatives such as Imperial College London’s and Johns Hopkins’ call for participants, underscoring the tangible value of collective participation and well-informed curiosity.

  • A University of Texas research endeavor specifically tailored for women coping with profound grief offers an empathetic nod to the nuanced support channels that can dovetail with psychedelic research.

A Nexus of Comprehensive Insights

  • The FDA’s Reagan-Udall Foundation’s upcoming virtual public workshop, “Advancing Psychedelic Clinical Study Design,” and DoubleBlind’s workshop on “Tripping for Partners” denote a tangible meshing of expert discourse and community engagement, emblematic of a broader pattern in the field.

  • On a literary note, a curated compilation of the “12 Best Cannabis/Drug Books of 2023” and thought-provoking commentaries from experts such as Dr. Peter Grinspoon and Jules Evans further enrich the layered ecosystem of psychedelic literature and analysis.

Essays, Inquiries, and Metaphysical Musings

  • Delving into the realms of psychological and philosophical inquiry, discussions such as “Psychedelics and Philosophy” at Harvard Divinity School, commentaries on the need for metaphysics in psychedelic therapy and research by David B. Yaden and Katherine Cheung, and thought-provoking statistical insights by HealingMaps’ Cory Jones collectively endeavor to broaden the contours of our understanding.

Indeed, as we wade through this sea of discoveries, it’s abundantly clear that the currents of psychedelic exploration are sweeping us into uncharted territories, where the compendium of human emotions converges with the frontiers of science. So, let us steer this voyage with mindful curiosity and an unwavering commitment to understanding the transformative potential of psychedelic medicine.

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And remember, as we navigate the swelling tides of psychedelic scholarship, a steadfast anchor in the form of rigorous research and empathetic engagement can guide us through the enigmatic depths of this novel paradigm.

The Emerging Psychedelic Industry – Financial Insights

The Emerging Psychedelic Industry: A Financial Overview

Navigating the Psychedelic Landscape

In recent years, attention has turned to the budding psychedelic industry and its potential impact on the financial world. With groundbreaking advancements in therapeutic applications and evolving legal regulations, a multitude of companies are making waves in the sector.

Changing Regulatory Tides

The market is abuzz with the significant shifts in governmental regulations surrounding the use of psychedelic compounds. Embracing the potential for controlled psilocybin as a treatment or enhancement, an increasing number of US citizens are showing support across party lines for these therapeutic measures.

Complementing this momentum, a California judge’s ruling against the federal government in a psychedelic tea case signals a potential turning point in the legal climate surrounding psychedelic substances.

Companies and Their Innovations

Fueled by continuous research and development, several companies have earned considerable attention for their strides in the psychedelic sector.

From PharmAla Biotech’s U.S. patent office approval for fast-track IP application review to Lobe Sciences’ groundbreaking 12-month data on the stability of oral psilocin, these firms are pioneering novel compounds and delivery models. Moreover, Usona Institute’s unveiling of psychedelic-like compounds derived from mushrooms has undeniably stoked investor interest.

Market Expansions and Collaborations

Bolstering the industry’s growth, strategic partnerships and expansions have emerged as driving forces. Notable collaborations include Compass Pathways and Greenbrook TMS entering a three-year research collaboration deal to develop scalable, commercial delivery models for psilocybin treatment.

In parallel, Clearmind Medicine’s Type A meeting with the FDA for its proprietary MEAI-based molecule reflects the industry’s proactive strides in alcohol use disorder treatment.

Insights and Expectations

Amidst these developments, the industry continues to attract unparalleled attention. Experts and thought leaders have chimed in on critical topics within the psychedelic realm. From discussions on the reinvention of organizations and the visionary impact of psychedelics to deep dives into the role of media in shaping public awareness, these insights are steering the conversation.

Furthermore, with the impending FDA approval of ketamine and the continued emphasis on sector catalysts by influential figures, the industry stands at a pivotal juncture.

Embracing Educational Endeavors and Wellness

Beyond the financial realm, initiatives blending research, education, and public wellness are making significant strides. Research and education nonprofits, in collaboration with prominent publications, are exploring the efficacy of functional mushrooms in treating epilepsy and sharing personal experiences to broaden the understanding of psychedelic therapy.


The evolving psychedelic landscape has undoubtedly captured the imagination of investors and thinkers alike. As a confluence of groundbreaking scientific advancements, evolving societal perceptions, and financial potential, the industry holds promise for continued progress and intrigue.