Investor Alert: Beware Of Scams Offering Shares In SpaceX (NASDAQ:TSLA) Investor Alert: Beware Of Scams Offering Shares In SpaceX (NASDAQ:TSLA)

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By Ronald Tech

The feverish interest in obtaining a slice of Elon Musk’s groundbreaking aerospace firm, SpaceX, has reached a point where sifting through the facts could make anyone feel like they are navigating through a noisy, crowded spaceport.

This privately held startup, with shares not available for public trading, is primarily owned by financiers, company executives, and staff. Notably, it is believed that Tesla CEO Elon Musk holds a majority stake, ranging between 40-50% ownership.

Possibility of Private Share Sales

In rare cases, individuals associated with SpaceX are allowed to sell shares through the company’s internal trading program. Additionally, some platforms cater to private investors, offering shares from these private sellers. Rainmaker Securities, for instance, has reportedly facilitated more than $4 billion in SpaceX share trades, though its services are restricted to accredited investors.

However, such opportunities are accessible to only a privileged few, casting a shadow over the accessibility of SpaceX shares to private investors at large.

Rumors of Spin-Off

Rumors sparked significant interest in a potential initial public offering (IPO) after reports suggested that Elon Musk was considering spinning off SpaceX’s Starlink satellite subsidiary. Musk swiftly debunked these rumors, emphasizing that any IPO would only occur once Starlink achieved specific financial milestones.

This juncture calls for prudence. The explosion of new cryptocurrencies during the second phase of the crypto upheaval bears resemblance to the current frenzy surrounding all things related to Musk and SpaceX. This fervor is attracting malevolent elements seeking to exploit the desperation of individuals aspiring to capture a share of a company recently valued at over $180 billion through private share sales.

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Jordan Liles of Snopes, a fact-checking website, warns about a common ploy among online scammers, enticing victims into a group chat under the guise of an investment opportunity, only to pilfer their money. These fraudulent practices have surged, including scams targeting those eager to invest in SpaceX.

As a cautionary measure, patience is advised. A Starlink IPO is undoubtedly on the horizon. Some analysts posit that Starlink has already met the financial benchmarks set by Musk, paving the way for an imminent IPO.