NVIDIA, Toyota, READY Robotics Drive Innovation in Industrial Manufacturing NVIDIA, Toyota, READY Robotics Drive Innovation in Industrial Manufacturing

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By Ronald Tech

In a groundbreaking partnership, NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) and Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM), together with READY Robotics, a pioneer in automation and robotics operating systems, are reshaping the landscape of industrial robotics programming.

Leveraging NVIDIA Isaac Sim, a robotics simulator on Omniverse, Toyota will harness READY ForgeOS to create an innovative simulated programming environment for its aluminum hot forging production lines.

This collaboration is driven by the shared ambition to enhance safety and efficiency in Toyota’s manufacturing processes.

Conventionally, programming robots for forging involves handling hot metal parts, which presents significant safety challenges.

The integration of NVIDIA Isaac Sim with ForgeOS enables seamless programming in a simulated environment, mitigating risks associated with hot parts.

The incorporation of NVIDIA Isaac Sim into ForgeOS streamlines the development of practical programs for demanding programming tasks, particularly those involving safety considerations.

Dr. Kel Guerin, Chief Innovation Officer at READY Robotics, emphasized, “NVIDIA provides the tools needed to help our programs reflect real-world situations, and ForgeOS provides the connection from this simulation to the real cell and back.”

Kazuhiro Suzuki, Group Manager of Toyota Motor Corporation’s Raw Materials Development Division, stated, “The unique architecture of ForgeOS allows for the sim-to-real workflow we need for this production line because it bridges NVIDIA Isaac Sim’s simulation capabilities with the control of our physical system.”

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“The collaboration between Toyota and READY Robotics is a prime example of the pioneering application of technology, such as NVIDIA Isaac Sim, to unlock industrial digitalization opportunities in manufacturing,” said Deepu Talla, Vice President of Embedded and Edge Computing at NVIDIA.

Price Action: NVDA shares are trading lower by 1.23% at $556.86 on the last check Wednesday, while TM shares are trading lower by 1.06% at $193.54.

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