Sam Altman’s Digital Habits and Conerns with the Pace of AI Advancements Sam Altman’s Digital Habits and Conerns with the Pace of AI Advancements

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Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, has revealed that Slack, not ChatGPT, is his go-to app.

This revelation came during an “Unconfuse Me” podcast episode with Bill Gates on Thursday, where Altman discussed his digital habits and the apps he relies on most.

Despite leading the company behind the AI sensation ChatGPT, Altman said that Slack is his most frequently used app, which he uses for daily communications. Next on his list is iMessage.

“I wish I could say ChatGPT,” Altman humorously remarked about his top app usage.

This choice is notable, especially considering that OpenAI — despite a substantial $10 billion investment from Microsoft Corp. — has opted to also use Google Meet over Microsoft Teams for meetings.

Gates, the founder of Microsoft, also shared his own app favorites, naming Outlook and web browsers as his top tools.

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“I’m this old-style email guy,” Gates commented, underscoring his preference for more traditional digital communication methods.

“Either that or the browser because, of course, a lot of my news is coming through the browser,” Gates added.

The conversation between the two tech giants also ventured into the realm of AI’s rapid evolution and its implications for society. Altman voiced concerns about the swift pace at which individuals and job markets must adapt to AI advancements.

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“Each technological revolution has gotten faster, and this will be the fastest by far, and that’s the part that I find potentially a little scary is just the speed with which society is going to have to adapt and that the labor market will change,” Altman said.

Reflecting on his brief departure from OpenAI, Altman described the episode as a significant growth moment for the company.

The incident, which saw a quick reversal following pushback from Microsoft and OpenAI staff, marked a turning point, leading to a more focused and optimistic outlook for the company’s future.

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