Square Enix Embraces Quality Over Quantity Square Enix President Proclaims Quality Over Quantity As Lineup Gets Trimmed

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By Ronald Tech

Square Enix Holdings Co Ltd SQNXF is undergoing a strategic shift in its game development approach, aiming to release fewer titles but explore a more diverse range of genres, according to the company’s president, Takashi Kiryu.

In a recently published English-translated investor Q&A from November (via IGN), Kiryu addressed concerns about the company’s limited portfolio diversity and its need for stronger marketing.

In a candid statement, Kiryu admitted Square Enix has been somewhat reliant on the success of RPG franchises like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, stating: “We have tended to be overly reliant on certain gameplay styles or genres.”

He noted the evolving tastes of gamers, emphasizing customers now enjoy a broader range of genres. The president highlighted the success of Powerwash Simulator, a game well-suited for casual play, as evidence the market is shifting.

To adapt to these changes, Kiryu expressed a commitment to strengthening internal development capabilities and potentially making acquisitions.

He stated: “I want to structure our development function so that we are able to ensure higher quality from each title by slimming down our lineup.”

Recognizing the industry’s shift toward a divide between blockbuster and indie titles, Kiryu acknowledged Square Enix’s position “somewhere in the middle.” He hinted at moving away from the company’s habit of producing numerous mid-budget RPGs that failed to make a significant impact.

Looking ahead to 2024, Square Enix has upcoming releases like Foamstars and Visions of Mana, along with a remake of Dragon Quest 3 and the highly anticipated Dragon Quest 12. The company is also exploring innovative technologies like AI content creation and remains involved in blockchain technology.

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