‘The Great AI Deathmatch: Investor’s Hope For Alphabet’s Victory’ ‘The Great AI Deathmatch: Investor’s Hope For Alphabet’s Victory’

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By Ronald Tech

As the artificial intelligence revolution takes shape, industry watchers see a looming battle for supremacy. The bi-weekly BG2POD podcast recently hosted a discussion on the innovators’ dilemma and how AI’s phase change may affect tech giants.

Innovators’ Dilemma: Alphabet, Inc. (GOOGL) is currently facing a dilemma, as almost all its profits come from an advertising model based on 10 blue links, said Brad Gerstner, founder of Altimeter Capital. He expressed doubt whether this model is compatible with the advancements in AI.

Box co-founder Aaron Levie noted the differences in interface between Google and competitors like Perplexity and ChatGPT. He highlighted the challenge Google faces in adapting its search results to this new landscape.

The co-host, Bill Gurley, expressed concern about Google’s user interface and business model, stating that it might lead to user dissatisfaction.

Gerstner cast doubt on Google’s ability to replicate its search engine monopoly in the age of AI. He emphasized the difficulty in believing that Google can maintain its dominance in this new era.

Gerstner expressed hope that Google can overcome these challenges and dominate the new tech landscape, comparing it to one of the greatest survivals in the history of capitalism.

In a post on X, Gerstner delved into the challenges Google faces, such as the shift from an ad-centric model to a focus on providing accurate answers. He also recommended strategic shifts for OpenAI, emphasizing the multi-trillion-dollar prize in being the consumer’s trusted assistant.

Alphabet’s Class C shares ended Friday’s session down 1.51% at $141.76, according to Benzinga Pro data.

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